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On the frontline.....

Neil from Buenas Burritos teamed up with Chloe from Avec Amour to support charity Care 4 Calais who spend most of the year attending the needs of refugees. Here are some pics of the day.

On this particular day, the team supported a group of Eritrean refugees, mostly young men fleeing risk to life in their home country. Along with hot drinks and clothing bundles, they were able to use a hairdressing case full of implements to groom themselves on the car park we were operating. The men showed incredible resourcefulness and groomed each other with haircuts and shaves.

Here Chloe was serving hot drinks, despite a welcomingly sunny day, there is a real chill in the wind so close to sea. So hot drinks were unsurprisingly popular! 


This is Chloe's third visit aiding refugees and second with C4C. She is planning to return late March.

This ingenious bit of kit was made recognising the need to communicate with estranged families and friends back home. The young men had mobile phones - their only possible hope of keeping in touch with relatives through social media. Powered by a portable generator supplied by c4c, they were able to recharge batteries.

Here are some of the volunteers, many who are here for weeks and months at a time. The organisation is very impressive, with the ability to reach different campsthroughout the country with a wide range of supplies including food, clothes, footwear, drinks and personal effects. If you want to find out more about C4C, click here.

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