Meals for the nhs

Buenas Burritos not standing still during Covid 19 pandemic.

Meals for our heroes in blue!

Buenas Burritos teamed up with charity Meals For The NHS to help feed an army of doctors, nurses, support staff and more at hospitals around the West Midlands. The charity was set up in response to the early closure of dining facilities at hospitals leaving night staff nowhere to purchase freshly prepared meals.


Working on a rotational basis, the charity designates different locations throughout the week to various vendors who have signed up the the scheme. This means staff on the NHS can have access to different styles meal provisions throughout the week.


Find out more at www.mealsfor the 


See more pictures below of the staff recieving meals from Buenas Burritos. Every delivery is so well received and appreciated, which makes it so much more of a privilege to provide this service to the NHS staff.







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Walsall Manor Hospital

New Cross Hospital

Walsall manor Hospital

Russells Hall Hospital

freshly prepared in the buenas kitchen!

Every meal prepared with fresh, healthy ingredients, full of nutritional minerals and vitamins which help boost energy levels on those long shifts!

Meet Jake - who is part of the supported lodgings scheme of YMCA. Jake resides with Buenas Burritos owner, Neil Snook and offered to help with some of the preparation. Jake wanted to help by way of saying thank you to the NHS who had previously had helped him. Well done Jake! 

Walsall Town Centre on a Saturday lunchtime during lockdown!         

So whilst unable to operate in town, their has been no reason not to operate in the trailer from home and put it to good use!  

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